Hello! We’re MØNARK, the electrifying embodiment of pop rock with a country twist that's bound to strike a chord in your heart. 

From humble beginnings in a garage to the bright lights of the local stages, MØNARK's unique sonic blend effortlessly blends the infectious energy of pop rock with the down-home charm of country music. Their melodies will have you singing along from the very first note, while their lyrics transport you to a place where love, dreams, and nostalgia intertwine. 

MØNARK's magnetic stage presence and undeniable chemistry promise an experience that leaves audiences craving more. With their roots deeply planted in the local music scene, they've become known for their dynamic live shows that are as unforgettable as they are high-energy. 

But MØNARK isn't just about their own music. They pay homage to their influences by delivering electrifying covers of bands like The Killers, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The 1975, and country stars like Morgan Wallen and Kane Brown. These covers showcase their versatility and remind us of the threads that tie their sound to the wider musical tapestry. 

As the road ahead unfolds, MØNARK is gearing up to bring their electrifying performance and genre-blending magic to audiences across the nation. Keep an ear out and a spot open on your playlist, because MØNARK is about to become your new musical obsession.


VOCALS: Nate Peister

GUITAR: Alex Robles

GUITAR: Neal Daniel

BASS: Chris Rodriguez

DRUMS: Isaac Elguera


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